Not. Old. News. (About January 6)

Musings and thoughts on the opening hearing of the January 6 Committee.

All. Old. News.

The Republican House Judiciary made that judgment on their Twitter account on Thursday evening during the prime-time public hearing of the January 6 Select Committee. We’ve heard it all before. Nothing to see here. Move along.

The GOP House Judiciary wants to paint the hearing as a futile and partisan exercise. Maybe that worked with people who already were in the tank for the MAGA messaging, but did it work for everyone else? I can only speak from my vantage point, but the hearing, led by Lynne Cheney’s deft presentation showed us things that weren’t known to the public before; things that put former President Donald Trump in an even darker role (if that were even possible). There are a lot of things to talk about here so instead of trying to weave one big story about the events, I will take things stunning bullet point by stunning bullet point.


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