The Last Temptation of Elise Stefanik

Is character something that can be corrupted? Can someone be on the straight and narrow and become tempted to take a darker path? Or is character revealed by situations? Are the people who have become craven always been like that?

As Liz Cheney comes closer to being kicked off from House leadership for telling the truth about the January 6 insurrection, speculation has focused on New York representative Elise Stefanik. She has been endorsed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and former President Donald Trump to chair the House Republican Conference. Stefanik’s rise is a study in character or in this case, lack thereof. She is a reminder of how the 45th President corrupts or reveals GOP pols.

And that is the question here. Was Stefanik always someone that would support the “Big Lie” that Trump and other Republicans are pedaling? Or did she make one compromise at a time until she became a MAGA Queen?


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