A Podcast for Misfits

Why You Should Listen to Spheres of Influence.

There are a lot of podcasters clamoring for attention on the internet. A fair number of them are probably better at this than I am. I’m not special and I haven’t reported from exotic locales around the world. I am just a mild-mannered middle-aged pastor that has a background in communications and likes to write and podcast.

So, why bother listening (or reading, since I write as well) what I have to say? Simple. Because I’m a misfit. What you will find here is a viewpoint that you aren’t going to hear in many other places. Spheres of Influence talks about religion, politics, and culture, but not always in the ways one would expect.

source https://dennissanders.medium.com/a-podcast-for-misfits-ecfab105e557?source=rss-6a28d30b0973——2

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