Who Mourns for the GOP?

There is an old saying that Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line. The old saying believes that Democrats have feelings for their party and aren’t going to easily leave the party. With Republicans, there are no “feelings” per se with the party. You either fall in line or you leave. There is no desire to stay with the party and no desire to reform the party. After all, you reform people and things that you love.

Some observers think that the two major parties have switched their positions, with the GOP falling in love with former President Donald Trump and that is true to some extent. But given how dissidents that dare criticize Trump are censured by local parties, there is some sense that the GOP is falling in line. The people aren’t in love with the GOP, they are in love with Donald Trump.

source https://medium.com/@dennissanders/who-mourns-for-the-gop-f95a5035adc7?source=rss-6a28d30b0973——2

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