One Cheer for Mike Pence

Let me just start with this: I don’t think former Vice President Mike Pence is a hero. He enabled President Trump and spent way too much time groveling to the former President. His legacy will be stained because of the choice he made.

That said I do want to give him one cheer, for doing the right thing when it counted.

Pence’s deep loyalty to Trump went overboard, but deep down there was something good there that became corrupted under the Donald: attention to duty. He showed duty to the constitution even as Trump tried to bully him with the obscene statement that he could down in history as a patriot or as a “pussy.” He showed duty to custom by going to the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris. His former boss decided to skip the inauguration and leave town, giving himself a big send-off. He even got to leave on AirForce One since Biden wasn’t yet president. For Trump, everything was about him and he was willing to weaken our republic just so he didn’t have to face being a loser.

I know many will say, “He was just doing the job he was supposed to do. Big whoop.” I get that. And yet, for the last four years, we’ve had a leader that never really did his job. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is simply show up, doing your duty-even when it’s hard.


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