We Don’t Need No Civil War

What is there to say at the close of this memorable day in American history?

Nothing and everything.

There is a lot I could talk about: like how in the world could the Capitol Hill Police allow this to happen. I could talk about why the mostly white group of insurrectionists were treated with kid gloves by said police. I could talk about the bravery and grace of Senator Mitt Romney. I could talk about Vice President Pence who spoke in a way we have longed for this President to speak in times of crisis. I could talk about how this might irreparably damage the Republican Party. I could talk about a lot of things concerning today’s events, but what comes to mind right now is talk of civil war.

Yesterday as I was doing errands. I was listening to the Politics podcast from National Public Radio. A reporter was interviewing a man who came to Washington to join the protests for Trump. He said that a vote in favor of Biden would plunge this nation into civil war. He said this in a way that told you he really didn’t mind if that were the result.

source https://medium.com/@dennissanders/we-dont-need-no-civil-war-7e2e6a7d2130?source=rss-6a28d30b0973——2

Photo: Insurrectionists at the west face of the US Capitol, Washington, DC, 6 January, 2021. Photo by Blink O’fanaye via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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